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Fall 2017


  • Endowing the Future of Woodward Academy
  • A Gift Plan You Can Trust
  • Case Study: Meeting Multiple Goals with Their Giving
  • A Wise Way to Give This Fall

Spring 2017


  • Creative Giving Ideas for Alumni and Friends
  • Giving to Achieve Multiple Goals
  • Questions & Answers About Lead Trusts
  • Explore Other Giving Options

Fall 2016


  • Timing Is Everything
  • Three Important Q&As About Year-End Giving
  • Different Goals, One Solution—A Meaningful Gift to Woodward
  • Gifts That Give Back

Spring 2016


  • The Woodward Connection
  • Gifts That Give Forever
  • Have Things Changed?
  • The R.L. Brand Jr. Society

Fall 2015


  • The Woodward Connection
  • Taking Stock and Giving It This Fall
  • 5 Reasons to Give Appreciated Property This Year-End
  • Strategies to Maximize Your Charitable Gifts

Spring 2015


  • Making the Most of Your Retirement Funds
  • Wise Planning
  • What Are Your Retirement Goals?
  • Where There's a Will There's a Way